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EMF Protection Solutions

We sell a complete range of scientifically proven EMF solutions. Call out toll free hotline at (877) 987-5185 if you have any questions about our products.

  • Graham-Stetzer Home Pack (Free shipping)
    $799.80 Graham-Stetzer Home Pack (Free shipping)
    Package of 20 Graham-Stetzer filters, the recommended amount for an aveage home.  Free shipping! (For proper installation be sure to add a Microsurge meter to your order) To add the correct amount of filters to your...
  • Graham-Stetzer Home Pack with Test Meter (Free shipping)
    $919.79 Graham-Stetzer Home Pack with Test Meter (Free shipping)
    Includes one Graham-Microsurge meter and 20 Graham-Stetzer filters the recommended amount of filters required for an average home. Free shipping!! The Graham-Stetzer microsurge meter  An easy to...