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Wireless Radiation Meters

We sell a complete range of scientifically proven EMF solutions. Call out toll free hotline at (877) 987-5185 if you have any questions about our products.

  • Cornet ED88TPlus  (Measures Magnetic, Electric and RF)
    $249.99 Cornet ED88TPlus (Measures Magnetic, Electric and RF)
    The new Cornet ED88TPlus measures both types of low frequency EMF (electric and magnetic fields) plus high frequency radiowaves (microwaves). Covers a very wide frequency range with good sensitivity.  There are 2...
  • RF/Microwave Field Strength Meter (Directional)
    $440.00 RF/Microwave Field Strength Meter (Directional)
    This directional detects and measures radiation from cell phone towers, cordless phones, wireless routers (Wi-Fi), microwave oven leaks and most other wireless communication devices. Provides precise assessment & true...